Free Proxy Servers List

Here is some Free Proxy Servers List which provide you more flexibility to browser web page without any hassle.

  • IP( Port (8080)
  • IP( Port(3128)
  • IP( Port(3129)
  • IP( Port(3128)
  • IP( Port(8080)
  • IP( Port(8080)
  • IP( Port(8080)
  • IP( Port(3128)
  • IP( Port(3128)
  • IP(( Port(80)

Please update you proxy list regularly.

GET vs POST method in PHP

Two commonly used methods for a request-response between a client and server are: GET and POST. But it has some differences, and that is given below.

GET Method :

  • Get request can be cached in browser.
  • Get request remain it’s history in the browser.
  • Get request can be bookmarked in browser.
  • get request shows the parameter in browser.
  • Get request should not be used when working with sensitive data.
  • Get request has restriction in data length.
  • Get request id useful for retrieve the data
  • Get request only allowed ASCII character.
  • Get request is easier to hack for script kiddies

POST Method :

  • POST request never cached in browser.
  • POST request do not remain it’s history in the browser.
  • POST request cannot be bookmarked.
  • POST request do not shows parameter in browser.
  • POST request is used to dealing with sensitive data.
  • POST request has no restriction in data length.
  • POST request allowed all data type (also Binary data).
  • Very difficult to hack.

This is the most common difference between GET and POST method 


How to know Website Load Speed?

Website load speed means that how many time take to load a website. This is very important part for increasing website performance  Website load speed is the very key factor for web developer and web designer. web designer or developer should need to ensure website loading speed is good. To know your website loading speed click here and write your website address then you can see you website loading speed.

This is very easy tools of Google to know your website loading speed.


How to Configure xDebug in XAMPP or Apache

xDebug is Extremely useful and popular tools for debugging error for PHP programmers.It’s really great debugger for PHP programming. Actually it’s working with Apache. To install or configure xDebug follow some simple steps given below.

Step 1: Open your php.ini file

Step 2 : Find xDebug and then you can see,

;zend_extension = "C:xamppphpextphp_eaccelerator_ts.dll"

Just delete (;) from that line.

Step 3: Then cope the following line and paste it into php.ini file


 Step 4 : Finally restart Apache. Now you can find your error very smartly and easily.