Create NGINX Virtual Host with PHP 7.0

Here I have shared a script for creating NGINX virtual host with PHP 7.0. NGINX virtual host with  5.x and 7.0 is very similar but only different is php5-fpm.sock location. To create a NGINX virtual host open the configuration files by running this command.

sudo gedit /etc/nginx/sites-available/default

And then copy-pastes this code snippet and modify it by your configuration (information). Then restart your server. And you are ready to go.

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How to fix AH00051: child pid XXXX exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

I had a problem with my Apache from last few day’s. The problem was something like that

[core:notice] [pid 4491] AH00051: child pid 4911 exit signal Segmentation fault (11), possible coredump in /etc/apache2

None any applications was running in my Apache server. I got stuck by it and I tried a lot to fix that problem. Finally I fixed the shit. Actually the main problem is in php5-xcache. 

If you got that types of problem then simply remove php5-xcache from your system. To remove php5-xcache type

apt-get --purge remove php5-xcache

in your terminal. And then restart your apache server. Hope your problem will solve.

Create Virtual Host in Nginx Server

To create a virtual host in Nginx server and access that by your browser you have to follow couple of steps. In this tutorial I will try to describe how you can create virtual host and how you can access your file by brower.

First STEP: Open your nginx configuration file by running this command.

sudo gedit /etc/nginx/sites-available/default

Second STEP: Then configure you host by following this

Third STEP: Open your hosts file.

sudo gedit /etc/hosts

And write ‘’  anywhere of your hosts file. Finally restart your nginx server and browser ‘’ in your browser. That’s it, hope it will work for you

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Create Virtual Host in Apache Server

  • To create a virtual host in Apache server and access that by your browser you have to follow couple of steps. In this tutorial I will try to describe how you can create virtual host and how you can access your file by brower.

Virtual Host in Apache Server
Virtual Host in Apache Server

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How to Change the Apache Port in XAMPP

Sometime it is necessary to change our apache server port number. It’s really important to now how to to that. It is quit easy  procedure, just follow the instruction.

STEP 1:  Go to your xampp(where you installed xampp) and then go “xamppapacheconf” and open the httpd.conf file.

STEP 2: You can see there


#Listen [::]:80

Listen 80


Now you can edit the port number, Here is default is 80 enable, just change the number with your necessary port number.

 NB: “#” sign means disable sign, so you can simple disable port number 80 just add a # before the word Listen. And add your number by type Listen and your necessary port number.

STEP 3: Finally restart the xampp. This is the simple process it will take maximum 5 min.




What is web server

Web Server can be refer either computer hardware or computer software/application which is dedicated for serve the web page. The most common uses  of a web server is host website and also it has other uses too such as Gaming, Data Storage etc.

Every web server has a own IP address and possible domain name and the primary function of a web server is delivery the web page on the request of the client using “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)”. This means web server delivery of HTTP content/document and it may contain additional content/document such as Images,StyleSheet, Java Script, etc.

When you enter any web address in the browser (e.g it’s sends a request to server whose domain name is “”. And then web server fetch the content/document and sends it to your browser. 

Web Server

Type of Web Server 

  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Lighttpd
  • Sun Java System Web Server
  • Jigsaw Server

NB: Apache HTTP Server is most common usage web server. 



How to use Functions & Operations in LESS CSS

Functions and Operations is the most important feature of LEES CSS. In Operations you can do add, subtract, divide and multiply with the  property values and colors, and giving you the full access to build a complex relationships between properties.And Functions map is designed by one-to-one with JavaScript code. I am going to show you an example of Functions and Operations in LESS CSS.

Example of Function and Operation in LESS:

@the-border: 1px;
@base-color: #111;
@red:        #842210;

#header {
  color: (@base-color * 3);
  border-left: @the-border;
  border-right: (@the-border * 2);
#footer {
  color: (@base-color + #003300);
  border-color: desaturate(@red, 10%);

When this code will be compiled then you will get this code.

Function and Operation Code after Compiled:

#header {
  color: #333333;
  border-left: 1px;
  border-right: 2px;
#footer {
  color: #114411;
  border-color: #7d2717;

This is the simple usage of Functions and Operation.

How to Configure xDebug in XAMPP or Apache

xDebug is Extremely useful and popular tools for debugging error for PHP programmers.It’s really great debugger for PHP programming. Actually it’s working with Apache. To install or configure xDebug follow some simple steps given below.

Step 1: Open your php.ini file

Step 2 : Find xDebug and then you can see,

;zend_extension = "C:xamppphpextphp_eaccelerator_ts.dll"

Just delete (;) from that line.

Step 3: Then cope the following line and paste it into php.ini file


 Step 4 : Finally restart Apache. Now you can find your error very smartly and easily.