I believe you already heard about the PSR in PHP language. Today I am trying to help you to understand the what is PSR, how and why should we use it. PSR in PHP PSR knock as ‘PHP Standards Recommendation’ which is some recommendations for all PHP programmer when they write their code they should follow some

What is AngularJS and How to Start

What is AngularJS? AngularJS is the web application development framework which provides a flexible way to build testable and maintainable front-end applications. Generally, AngularJS javascript MV framework which is developed by google for build dynamic web application. For more details click here. How to Start? It’s really easy to start AngularJS. Just need to download AngularJS JavaScript file, and add to your web page with a

Free Proxy Servers List

Here is some Free Proxy Servers List which provide you more flexibility to browser web page without any hassle. IP( Port (8080) IP( Port(3128) IP( Port(3129) IP( Port(3128) IP( Port(8080) IP( Port(8080) IP( Port(8080) IP( Port(3128) IP( Port(3128) IP(( Port(80) Please update you proxy list regularly.

GET vs POST method in PHP

Two commonly used methods for a request-response between a client and server are: GET and POST. But it has some differences, and that is given below. GET Method : Get request can be cached in browser. Get request remain it’s history in the browser. Get request can be bookmarked in browser. get request shows the parameter