How to Fix Error: ngRepeat:dupes Duplicate Key in Repeater in AngularJS

Error: ngRepeat:dupes Duplicate Key in Repeater is the most common problem we are facing when we work with AngularJS. Why does it happen? It’s happened when there is any duplicate key is exist in ngRepeat expression. By default, AngularJS uses keys to populate the dom elements. So if there is any duplicate key found in ngRepeat expression,

Download and then Print PDF File in AngularJS

Sometime developer need to download PDF file and print that pdf document. Here I have shared a code snippet for download pdf then print that pdf using angularJS. $scope.printPdf = function (uuid){ $http({ url : ‘PDF_URL’, method : ‘GET’, headers : { ‘Content-type’ : ‘application/pdf’ }, responseType : ‘arraybuffer’ }).success(function(data, status, headers, config) { var

How to Validate Password and Confirm Password in AngularJS

Password and confirm password validation is very common and vital piece of all sort of application. We mostly use it when we are working in signup or password changes page. Here I have written this article to describe AngularJS validation. I will not cover all validation rules in AngularJS, but I will only focus on how to

What is AngularJS and How to Start

What is AngularJS? AngularJS is the web application development framework which provides a flexible way to build testable and maintainable front-end applications. Generally, AngularJS javascript MV framework which is developed by google for build dynamic web application. For more details click here. How to Start? It’s really easy to start AngularJS. Just need to download AngularJS JavaScript file, and add to your web page with a

Avoid Curly Braces Conflict in Twig and AngularJS

When you will try to implement AngularJS in Twig Templete Engine,  then you will get a problem with curly braces conflict. To avoid this problem you can override the curly braces ({{}}) for AngularJS, with your custom configuration. It is really easy to override the configuration of angularJS. Here is the sample code snipped to override the configuration.   Now