Change Bower Default Directory And Folder

Bower is the client-side dependencies manager. The developer can easily manage their client-side dependencies with the Bower. By default when you install any package (e.g jQyery, Bootstrap etc) through Bower, then a bower_components folder will create in the project’s root directory and store all the files inside it. So the default directory of bower installation is ROOT

Avoid Too Much Complexity to the Code, Instead of Returning Often and Early.

Code readability is really important part of programming. The readable and cleaner code is easily manageable and customizable. The programmer doesn’t take it seriously but it’ important. Actually, this is always an ongoing debate, but returning often, and returning early certainly make your code much cleaner looking and readable.

How to Fix Error: ngRepeat:dupes Duplicate Key in Repeater in AngularJS

Error: ngRepeat:dupes Duplicate Key in Repeater is the most common problem we are facing when we work with AngularJS. Why does it happen? It’s happened when there is any duplicate key is exist in ngRepeat expression. By default, AngularJS uses keys to populate the dom elements. So if there is any duplicate key found in ngRepeat expression,

An invalid form control with name=” is not focusable?

Are you getting An invalid form control with name=” is not focusable message on your browser’s console log? Don’t be worried about this problem. Here is the quick fix for this issue. First of all why it’s happened? It’s happened when you have some hidden fields with required true and these fields have no parent ‘form‘